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Ten Commandments

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Ten Commandments for patient-centred treatment

Richard Lehman, Aaron M Tejani, James McCormack, Tom Perry, John S Yudkin

DOI: 10.3399/bjgp15X687001 Published 1 October 2015

1. Thou shalt have no aim except to help patients, according to the goals they wish to achieve.

2. Thou shalt always seek knowledge of the benefits, harms, and costs of treatment, and share this knowledge at all times.

3. Thou shalt, if all else fails or if the evidence is lacking, happily consider watchful waiting as an appropriate course of action.

4. Thou shalt honour balanced sources of knowledge, but thou shalt keep thyself from all who may seek to deceive thee.

5. Thou shalt treat according to level of risk and not to level of risk factor.

6. Thou shalt not bow down to treatment targets designed by committees, for these are but graven images.

7. Honour thy older patients, for although they often have the highest risk, they may also have the highest risk of harm from treatment.

8. Thou shalt stop any treatment that is not of clear benefit and regularly reassess the need for all treatments and tests.

9. Thou shalt diligently try to find the best treatment for the individual, because different treatments work for different people.

10. Thou shalt seek to use as few drugs as possible.


Author: gemaxted

Associate Program Director Tufts University Family Medicine Residency at Cambridge Health Alliance

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